I'm graduated from Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw with major in  paiting & photgraphy. During my studies I traveled a lot being founded with the scholarships in photography in France (Nice, Orleans) & Spain (Barcelona, Sevilla). At present time I'm focused on artistic and creative photography. I deal with commercial photography as well as working for polish magazines.

- Studies on The Faculte of Painting (Academy of Fine Arts  in Warsaw) with specialization in photography.
- Diploma on the Painting Department.
- Postgraduate studie on The Faculte of Scenography.

- One year photography research grant awarded by Spanish Government (Sevilla And Barcelona)
- 6 month practice in The Institute of Visual Arts in Orlean (France) into domaine of Visual Communication.
- Burce of Culture Fundation (art book)
- 6 months photography research grant in Centre National Des Arts Plasyiques - Villa Arson in Nice ( France ).


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